INZDR Unlock and Protect the Value of Digital You

Thanks to the new AI technologies talents like you can use a digital twin to unlock new earning opportunities. INZDR platform enables you to create, protect and license your digital twin.

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Easy and Secure Licensing of Digital You

Discover how INZDR enables secure licensing of digital assets in the fast-growing market of AI generated content.

Essential Solutions to Succeed in AI Age

your all-in-one solution for AI-driven voice and video generation. Harness the power of cutting-edge technology to effortlessly transform text into captivating voiceovers and dynamic video content.

Today AI technologies can already generate realistic voice or video representations of talents.

However, the level of realism and authenticity can vary a lot. ​

INZDR brings together leading AI voice and video generation technologies and original high quality talent recordings to create highly realistic digital twins.


AI technologies evolve faster than legislation. Talents struggle to enforce their intellectual property rights. Creators face uncertain legal risks.​

INZDR provides licensing and digital rights management solutions that protect both talents and creators.

Every digital twin licensed via INZDR is controlled with embedded license rules reflecting contracts between talents and creators.

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Talents want to know where and how much their digital twins are used.

Both talents and creators seek transparency of licensing payments.

INZDR provides real-time tracking of digital twin usage and insights to inspire new licensing opportunities.

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Easy for Talents and Creators

How it works?


Creators generate voice or video content using leading AI technologies provided by INZDR and original high-quality recordings provided by talents.


Talents approve AI generated content and agree on licensing conditions.


INZDR ensures digital rights managements and provides real-time tracking of content usage.

Why Choose INZDR?

Confidence to unlock new opportunities as AI disrupts content creation

AI technology revolution creates unprecedented opportunities for talents to unlock new audiences and markets. Time is no longer limiting talents’ capacity to create new content and engage with fans and brands. Their digital twin can take of all this.

However, navigating AI technology revolution can be daunting. Legislation is lacking. Deep fakes threaten reputation. Technologies develop fast.

INZDR helps unlock and protect the value of your digital twin with leading AI content generation tools and secure licensing and tracking solutions.

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Trust - we know what you need. Firsthand

INZDR was created by Mika Hakkinen, double Formula 1 World Champion, together with a strong team of experts in intellectual property, licensing, talent management, marketing and technology.

Mika was looking for a solution to use emerging AI content generation technologies to expand his collaboration and connection with brands, media and fans.

His key concern was to maintain a full control over authenticity and value of his identity (digital twin) in the digital world.

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What is INZDR?


INZDR enables easy and secure licensing of digital assets (voice, image, video) used for AI generated content. It provides an end-to-end licensing solution for talents (licensors) and creators (licensees) that includes AI voice and video generation, digital rights management and real-time tracking of content usage.

How can creators generate digital twins on INZDR?


Creating a digital twin on INZDR is easy. Simply select one of INZDR talents (licensors), input your script and get a life-like audio or video representation of a talent narrating it. The final digital twin will be routed for approval by the talent to ensure that licensing requirements are met, and talent’s reputation is not at risk.​

Can talents control where and how their content is used?


Absolutely. INZDR implements Digital Rights Management for every approved piece of content according to licensing rules and restrictions chosen by talents.​

What kind of insights can I gather from my contents performance?


Our platform offers detailed analytics on how your content is consumed. This includes the number of views, geographical data of viewers, devices used to access the content, and engagement metrics, helping you make informed decisions for future content strategies.

Can talents protect their content against an unauthorized use?


Yes, content security is one of our top priorities. INZDR utilizes robust Digital Rights Management systems to protect talent’s intellectual property rights, prevent unauthorized distribution, and maintain content integrity across distribution platforms.​

Does INZDR support different languages and accents in voice generation?


INZDR generates talent voice in several languages maintaining an authentic representation of the original even if the talent does not speak languages chosen. ​

How does INZDR ensure the quality of generated video content?


Quality is key at INZDR. Our video generation technology incorporates the latest advancements in AI and machine learning, producing high-resolution videos with lifelike animations.