About Us

Our Origin

INZDR idea was born in a living room of Mika Hakkinen, double Formula 1 World Champion and Formula 1 Ambassador. Mika and Sami, his talent manager, were discussing how they could cope with the impossible volume of travel and collaboration requests from brands, media and fans. They played with an idea of the future where Mika would have a life-like digital twin representing Mika 24/7 across multiple countries and time zones at the same time. Breathtaking advancement of AI content generation and a strong team of experts in intellectual property, licensing, talent management, marketing and technology turned this idea into INZDR.​

Our Vision

A digital world where talents can realize their full potential.

Our Mission

Unlock and protect the value of the talent in digital world.

Commitment to Authenticity

We focus on preserving integrity and authenticity of talents’ representation in the digital world (digital twin) continually innovating our offering of high-fidelity AI content generation technologies, robust digital rights management systems and legal licensing solutions.

Our Offer

Today, INZDR provides a robust platform where talents can license their digital content—including voice and avatars—to legitimate partners. Our technology enables them to track usage and monetize their digital assets effectively. Whether it's an F1 driver's voice in an advertisement, a retired athlete's avatar providing commentary on TV, or an actor's digital persona in virtual reality, INZDR makes it all manageable and secure.

Join us on Our Journey

From Mika's living room to a dynamic enterprise, INZDR embodies dedication, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of transforming how talents interact in the digital age. Join us as we redefine the landscape of digital content and open new horizons for talents worldwide. Together, let's shape the future of digital interactions!